Camp Is fun

At our children’s camp program we will make sure that all kids regardless of age have a great time, while paying special attention for their safety and comfort, providing them with the appropriate space and activities to fit every age level. At Camp Treasure Island every day we will be focusing on a different Mitzvah, while enjoying crafts, games, hunts and activities, all highlighting the specific “Treasure” with exhilarating incentives, prizes and fun, your child will keep asking for more. Delicious and nutritious meals will be served nightly at our Children’s Dining room and and our convenient camp hours that work around our entertainment and activity schedules, ensuring both parents and kids to enjoy a memorable Sukkot vacation experience with us.

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Skilled, loving and dedicated staff
•Games & Treasure Hunts
• Storytime & Snacks, Junior division
• Extended evening camp available for older kids
• Sukkot in Cancun Special kids tours
• Davening
• GroupArts & Crafts: Duct Tape, Sand Art and more

• Outdoor play areas, Sports & relay races
• AM & PM Snacks provided
• Movie Night
• Children’s Drama Workshop
• Face painting, Balloon Sculptures, Inflatables
• Special Kids entertainment, music and dancing

Camp Age Groups :

0-1 Infants

2-3 Infants

4-6 Toddlers

7-9 Children Boy’s / Girls

10-12 Children Boy’s / Girls  Boy’s and Girls 

Teens Program Boy’s and Girls 


RP is partnering once again with Minunu Agency to provide our customers with the best private babysitting in Cancun. Nighttime and daytime hours will be available on a first come first serve basis. All babysitters are Pediatric CPR and first aid certified and have completed over 200 hours of childcare.. You may contact Minunu Agency directly for pricing and bookings